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Destination Lapland has over twenty years of experience in cabin rental services in Äkäslompolo. Through long traditions and operating successfully we have achieved a strong position as the leading cabin rental office in the area.

Our legacy’s secret is are a regular domestic clientele as well as good relations to international tour operators. We have continuously invested into marketing actions and the improvement of quality. The underlying meaning of all these actions is to serve our cabin owners and our consumer clients even better.

For our continuously developing services, along with the growing demand for the Ylläs area we are constantly looking for new rental cabins.

Let your cabin generate income

The acquisition of a cabin or a holiday-home in Ylläs, paired with cabin rental services is a good investment. Destination Lapland is a reliable partner in all matters concerning your cabin: maintenance, cleaning and rentals. The foundation of our long-lasting business operations lies in the good relations to the cabin owners and most of all, in their trust in us.

Join us

With the Destination Lapland service concept we are able consolidate everything, our customers might want, under one roof. Our priority is to have the holiday-home maintained and cleaned before our guest’s holiday begins. The pickup and return of the keys are also handled in one single place. Entrusting us with your cabin, you can be sure, that your cabin will be taken care of and the customers are satisfied.

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The Destination Lapland Service Center operates in Äkäslompolo. Through our service center we take care of the cabin’s cleaning, maintenance, key- and rental services, all from under the same roof.

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