How to get to Ylläs

Ylläs is easy to reach. The kingdom of the seven fells is only a short drive away from Kittilä airport or Kolari railway station.

Fly to Kittilä

Direct flight from Helsinki to Kittilä takes 1h 30min. From the airport there is a bus service to Ylläs during high season. Easiest is to book transfers through our office, the driver will take you all the way to your cabin door.

Ask also charter flights to Kittilä from your local travel agent.

Train to Kolari

Kolari is easily reached from Helsinki by train and a bus transfer takes you to Ylläs.

Own car

From south via Oulu towards Tornio and Kilpisjärvi (road E21/E8). 10 km after Kolari turn to Äkäslompolo, road 940.

Other option is from south to go to Rovaniemi and then direction Kittilä (road 79). After Kittilä centre turn to Ylläsjärvi (road 939) and from Ylläsjärvi follow the signs to Äkäslompolo.

Fly to Pajala
Pajala airport in the Swedish side of the border is under construction and in the future you can come to Ylläs also via Pajala.

How to get around in Ylläs?

There is a Ski bus service during winter season. With the SkiBus you can also easily travel around Ylläs fell, from Äkäslompolo to Ylläsjärvi and back again. More information on the SkiBus »

Rental car
is easily booked through our office. Send a request »

Several taxi companies operate in Ylläs area.

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