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The beauty of Lapland’s scenery is an unforgettable experience for any visitor. The rough landscape, the fells and canyons, wetlands, rivers and lakes make the area near the Finnish/Swedish border interesting for visitors, at any time of the year.

Lapin luonto

Over wintertime Lapland offers the know-how and the freedom to choose from any snow-related activity. During the summer there are great areas for hiking, trekking, mountain biking, fishing, canoeing, river rafting, and traditional berry and mushroom picking. Autumn begins in September and climaxes in a riot of magnificent autumnal colours. “Ruska” is a time when Lapland is at its most colourful, exotic and unforgettable. The colours are even reflected in the local delicacies. Lapland is a unique treat for your senses.

The Ylläs area consists of seven fells and two original villages, and is situated by the Ylläs-Aakenus National Park. The two villages form together the largest ski resort in Lapland and offer both, Lappish charm and exhilarating experiences.

Winter in Ylläs


Ylläs is the biggest ski centre, with the longest slopes, in Finland. The resort is also much appreciated by off-piste skiers. During the winter season, which lasts from November until Labour day, the area also offers expansive cross county skiing tracks. Apart from skiing there is many other winter activities to try out, maybe on a snowmobile or on a tour with huskies. Find out more about the activities in our Lapland Snow week program.

Summer in Ylläs


The summer in Ylläs has much to offer for active vacationers; the cross country ski tracks turn into nature trails for hikers and bikers. During the summer land and water offer both many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. On the waterways you may try some fishing, river rafting or canoeing. For more information about summer activities please contact our office.

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