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History | Tales from Äkäslompolo

As a local agent we know the area and we take responsibility for it. Good quality and service come from our long history and activity in these exceptionally beautiful surroundings. This in itself creates already its own challenges for our operations. Most important to us is the appreciation of nature.

Our family’s first guests were welcomed already as early as the 30′s to the Keski-Kaulanen house. The most important value was providing the guests, through hospitality, with uplifting experiences for body and soul in the Lappish nature. Skiing on the seven fells was back then the most popular sport. We cherish those traditions and want to pass them on to our customers.

Providing services
Our business’s roots are at the Keski-Kaulanen house and from the 50′s onwards at the Peltola house, from where many excursions to the surrounding nature took their start. When returning from those excursions, the guests could always experience the hospitality formed from the closeness to nature and nature’s resources. Today this translates into well maintained, clean and fresh holiday-homes and safe adventures on our excursions into the nature.

Tales from Äkäslompolo

The story of Karhukaltio

Our first story on these pages is about how Karhukaltio came to be. 

“At the end of the passed millennium Ukko was pondering about the location of his own hiking cabin. For many years he had wandered the wilderness in different areas, and the answer was clear as daylight: It had to be Äkäslompolo, the village by the seven fells…”

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