Lapland Snow 2016/17


Lapland snow daily program
Mon Tue
snowmobile.gif Family Safari   cross.gif   cross.gif      
snowmobile.gif Top of Ylläs   cross.gif   cross.gif   cross.gif  
snowmobile.gif fishing.gif Ice-fishing safari cross.gif   cross.gif        
snowmobile.gif northernlights.gif Northern lights safari with snowmobiles   cross.gif   cross.gif      
snowshoes.gif northernlights.gif Northern lights safari with snowshoes cross.gif  cross.gif cross.gif       cross.gif
snowmobile.gif To the  Aavajärvi wilderness camp cross.gif   cross.gif   cross.gif    
snowshoes.gif Snowshoe safari           cross.gif  
huskies.gif Husky farm visit and sledge safari  cross.gif          
reindeer.gif attraction.gif Day at a reindeer farm     cross.gif cross.gif    
snowshoes.gif Snowshoe trip to Kellostapuli fell-top              
snowmobile.gif huskies.gif Snowmobiling to your husky safari *  * * * * *  *
snowmobile.gif attraction.gif Canyon experience         cross.gif    
snowmobile.gif attraction.gif Snowmobiling to Lainio Snow Village   cross.gif          
snowshoes.gif Snowshoeing to the fell Kuertunturi   cross.gif          
horses.gif Riding to a campfire         cross.gif    
skiing.gif Cross country skiing school cross.gif            
huskies.gif Half day go green national park husky safari              
horses.gif Riding trek in the stillness of nature   cross.gif          
huskies.gif Half day husky safari     cross.gif   cross.gif    
Husky Safari to the Snow Village *  * *  *  *  * *
16 km go green national park husky safari cross.gif    cross.gif      
Pro’s snowshoe safari to Tahkokuru         cross.gif    
Full day husky safari        
  Visit in Lainio Snow Village       cross.gif       
northernlights.gif Northern lights husky adventure    cross.gif          

* on request only

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